What Dreams may Tell

Day 0


It is wet. You’ve been travelling for several long cold hours. You woke to a heavy fog. A fog that clung to you. Then the drizzle started. The drizzle turned to ponderous drops. Taking forever to fall and yet landing with a force you could not understand. Now there is only mist.

Through the mist, you can finally make out the walls of city. You and about 40 others. You’ve all been travelling on the same road. Some large groups, some small groups and many individuals. All brought together by chance and the strong current of the road dragging everyone toward city. The smell of wet animals is overpowering.

The group provides safety, but also danger. You never know who might be a predator and who prey in such a gathering. You’d think so close to city, you’d be safe, but everyone says that city’s militia stays inside the walls. Anything can happen outside the walls (of course almost anything can happen inside the walls, just more discretely)

With the walls so close, you hurry to get through the gate. You’ll be able to find someplace warm, dry and mostly safe inside.

Getting closer, you see that there is already a line at the gate. It will be some time yet before you can find warmth.

Day 0. The adventure begins

A message led you all to Snall for the reading of a will.

For most of you, the father you never knew.

He’s left the five of you his shop (Dan’s Curioum) in the small town of Rael, a short walk west of Snall. Apparently he was an archeologist. He’d buy and sell trinkets and go searching for old artifacts.

While you were in the Misty Moon in Rael, Sudian’s girlfriend was grabbed by some thugs and dragged out of the bar.

You all followed but lost them in the woods. After some searching, you found a lodge. You could hear Isabella (clearly afraid) and some toughs.

After some steps forward and some steps back, you rescued Isabella and got back to Rael.

The story of your adventure has been heard in the area and you’ve developed a reputation for getting things done.

You’ve decided to keep the shop. People can find you there and ask for help.


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