a withdrawn eleven rogue/swashbuckler


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Dínenwen hasn’t been called by her birth-name now in years. Indeed, here, where humans are more common than elves, many folk don’t even realize that she was given the name “Dínenwen” by her mother a decade after she was born.
Growing up among the elves wasn’t a pleasant experience for her. For reasons she never entirely understood, the people of her village mostly looked down on her mother. That attitude transferred to her mother’s children as well. Dínenwen mostly dealt with these troubles by withdrawing, spending time by herself, learning to be unseen and unheard. Thus, her mother chose to call her “Silent Woman”, which is what “Dínenwen” means.
Having spent her first 120 or so years among elves who didn’t like her, when half-brother Artturi raised the idea of journeying to human lands, she was naturally interested. The only real memento of home that she brought with her was her sword, a gift from her father. In the village, folks weren’t terribly interested in training her to fight. Perhaps humans would be more open to an outcaste wielding a blade.
And it’s proven that they are — she is now much more comfortable in combat. However, while Dínenwen hasn’t had to deal with the ugly class distinctions of the elves, she has had to get used to racism and sexism that seem to be particularly human afflictions. And so she again finds herself turning to solitude and silence.
Most of the time, that is. Artturi and his band of brothers are proving to be companions worthy of trust. Whether Dínenwen will actually start trusting them is yet to be seen.


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